The goal of the Robert Kalkman Foundation is to support children with cancer (and/or other physical constraints) in finding distraction during their illness and recovery process through the RKF Golf Fun Clinics. We provide an unforgettable golf experience and new challenge.

Golf Fun Clinic - Mei 2016

Golf is only one of the few sports that these children can still practice. It gives them strength and self-confidence. The distraction, the social interaction, golf itself, and a little flavour of competition all have a positive influence to the well-being and recovery of the children.

Long term ambassadors of the Robert Kalkman Foundation include the Ryder Cup European Development Trust and the Spanish tour player Miquel Angel Jimenez.

We received the 2015 President’s Award for Golf Development from the PGAs of Europe at the association’s gala awards ceremony in Turkey. We are thankful and very proud of this achievement, which is a great recognition and encouragement.

To be able to continue supporting the children, to further develop the Golf Clinics and to enhance the one-day clinic experience into golf weekends, we need sponsors and funding. Are you enthusiastic about our work and do you want to contribute and/or become a sponsor, please contact us at

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Direct donations can be done to:

Stichting Robert Kalkman Foundation
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